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 In response to COVID-19, I'm offering telehealth (online therapy)                                                       
Christine is currently not accepting new clients.

Life evolves
and so do we

Life evolves and so do we --- but sometimes we get stuck. The good news is that therapy can help.



We all have times in our lives when emotions or circumstances feel overwhelming and block us from fully enjoying life. These stressful times can lead to fear, isolation, confusion, anxiety and depression, to name a few.


Entering therapy is about creating time and space for you to heal. Similar to a caterpillar creating a chrysalis when it’s ready to transform into a butterfly, we need a safe, nurturing space for transformation to begin --- and therapy can provide that.  

Through the therapeutic process, you can learn how to find answers and overcome obstacles, enabling you to reach your full potential.


Using a variety of proven counseling techniques, I will provide tools to guide you and help you understand difficult emotions, clarify thoughts, change harmful patterns and gain insights so that you can effectively address issues.

I have specialized training in Internal Family Systems Therapy (completed Level 1)

My Approach

People often seek therapy when something feels "out of sorts" such as

  • Feeling overwhelmed from juggling work and personal life 

  • Confronting social and family issues

  • Grieving the loss of someone or something

  • Facing an illness

  • Feeling gripped by anxiety or depression

  • Yearning to resolve past issues

Any of these stumbling blocks can get in the way of achieving goals and feeling fulfilled.


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