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How long has art therapy been around?

In 1969 the American Art Therapy Association was formed, defining it as a profession. Although many decades of work preceded this, especially in the 1940s. Art therapy grew from influences in art, art education, psychiatry and psychology. Art therapists can now be found globally throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand.



Do I need to be “artistic” or “creative” to do art therapy?

Simply be open to the idea of self-expression and exploration. I find that people are far more creative than they realize; consider your style of dress, how you decorate your home or experiment with cooking. These are all forms of creative self-expression. I will guide you with art materials and directives, but most of my clients who say they “have not made art since kindergarten” immediately take to the process and tell me how wonderful it feels to express themselves through art-making. This symbolic vocabulary that emerges in art therapy comes easier than your think!


What materials are used?

I offer a variety of art materials and can help guide you through them. These include traditional art materials such as painting, drawing, clay/sculpture, photography or collage. It also includes non-traditional materials such as found objects, working with personal items such as a piece of clothing or a keepsake, as well as items found in nature such as shells, seeds, rocks, leaves, etc.


How long is a session?

Most therapy sessions last between 45-60 minutes and are most effective if they occur weekly. Depending on individual needs, they may occur bi-weekly.

What are your fees, insurance and payment details?

Intake $175 / Sessions are $150

Insurance - I'm In-Network with BCBS of Illinois PPO and Cigna Evernorth

Self pay --- I accept cash, check, or major credit cards and Health Savings Accounts

Out Of Network - I can provide a Superbill for you to submit to your insurance


How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call me so I can answer any questions, exchange information and discuss our next steps.

I currently see clients weekdays and evenings, but no weekends.

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